Radio Pro DJ’s Terms and Conditions - Please Read Carefully

Our music library is quite extensive and is constantly being updated.  We will make every effort to acquire songs, for your event, not found in our library.  With that statement, please realize that YOU are ultimately responsible for providing songs (or special versions of songs) not found in our library.  We will assume no responsibility or liability for songs not played at your event if they do not exist in our library.  It is also YOUR responsibility to check our online music library, for verification of whether the song is in our library or not.  Songs may be provided for us, by you the client, prior to the event date, on an AUDIO CD format only.  Radio Pro DJ’s will accept NO responsibility or liability for songs not played at your event if these particular songs are not in our library and not provided for us by the client in the format specified. NO YOUTUBE SONGS OR LINKS!  It is illegal for us to play YOUTUBE uploaded songs or videos for public performance.  

As stated on your entertainment agreement with us, YOU are responsible, prior to the time of the event, and after completion of the event, to secure the facilities for the event as well as any and all stamps, licenses, authorizations, and permits that are necessary and proper to allow RADIO PRO DJS to execute the terms of this agreement.  This includes access to the venue, and adequate time (approximately 2+ hours), for set up and tear down of Radio Pro DJ’s equipment.  We will not be responsible or liable for any event timeline problems if these matters are not addressed and confirmed with the venue and with Radio Pro DJ’s.  This also applies to setup space requirements, power requirements, and any other physical requirements needed to perform Radio Pro DJ’s service. Outdoor events require that we are in a covered, fully protected from acts of inclement weather, warnings or potential of other naturally occurring “acts of god”.  Radio Pro DJ’s is not obligated to perform at ANY event where these requirements have not been met and any event balance will be due in full, if these requirements are not met by you the client.

Planning Forms
Three (3) planning forms are REQUIRED to be submitted to us NO LESS THAN TWO (2) WEEKS PRIOR to the EVENT DATE.  The Wedding Planning or Event Planning form, Timeline Form, and Request List.  Failure to submit these forms removes Radio Pro DJ’s from ANY liability of the execution or timing of the procedures listed on these forms.  Any questions pertaining to these forms can be submitted to Radio Pro DJ’s by email or telephone, prior to the deadline for assistance.